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When will you release the game !?!?
Metal Warrior-3D car shooting game for mobile / Re: Building the game
« Last post by Ratzalaru on May 23, 2016, 05:33:30 PM »
2016-05-24 - I've got some amazing news: Metal Warrior got Greenlit on STEAM in 21 days !!! A warm thank you to all our voters. We'll do our part, trust us !!! :)

What did I do since my last update ?

As the project grew, the time LOST waiting for compiling, baking maps and making builds grew, so I had to replace my old computer (i7 920, 16GB RAM) with a small beast:

- i7-5820k (yes, that means 12 threads ;) )
- 64GB RAM
- Samsung SSD 850 PRO 256GB for OS
- and an amazing Samsung M.2 NVME 950 512GB for Unity and the project

The results ?
On my old computer, the first play in editor - just after Unity started -  took about 110 seconds. On this one ? Around 10 seconds !!! Any recurrent play in editor ? - 4 seconds flat.
I gained a lot of time! Also did my wife - she is the marketing brain - she got my old computer to replace her laptop, and now she can do movies editing is minutes rather than hours :) .

On to game related news:

- As I changed the computer I thought is was the right moment to upgrade Unity and some assets too - bad bad decision: I lost a lot of time putting them all together again and fixing the problems that appeared.
Things change... and not always for the best. Leason learned: if not absolutely necessary, do NOT upgrade...

- The enemy AIs received un upgrade (forced by the assets used for AI being upgraded - which resulted in some very strange behavior - but an upgrade nevertheless). I'm still not very happy with their IQ, but until beta version, they are smart enough.

- The stats manager is almost complete. It will store a lot of player stats. The player will be able to see those stats in the garage (don't go looking, they are not there yet) and they will also be used for achievements and leaderboards (when it will be completed by Google Play Games integration).

- The score manager is up and running. How many credits for destroying an enemy mech, how many credits for delivering a packet, has the player reached a new level, how many credits for winning a game - on "easy" difficulty level... decisions and storage...

The two entries below are the ones that I'm really happy about:

- Finally the cars received proper working data. Enormous work. The fleet is composed right now of 27 cars, and for each of them we had to set proper values for:
  • horsepower
  • max horsepower RPM
  • torque
  • max torque RPM
  • redline
  • engine inertia
  • drivetrain inertia
  • gear ratios
  • shift up RPM
  • shift down RPM
  • clutch engage RPM
  • clutch disengage RPM
  • brake force
  • suspension rate
  • bump rate
  • rebound rate
  • .......
so the cars will perform as they should, upgraded or not, NOS activated or not;

- We found someone to help us with the car's armors - 3D modeling . We have armors for two cars so far, and we are quite happy with the result. More to come soon !

That's it for now. It's 2:33 AM and I'm blabbing :). Good night !
Metal Warrior-3D car shooting game for mobile / Re: Building the game
« Last post by Ratzalaru on March 31, 2016, 05:54:34 AM »
2016-03-31 - After a couple of crazy weeks - we posted the game on Steam - Greenlight (http://bit.ly/MWSteam) - which kept me pretty busy, here's the latest update:

Player evolution manager - deals with the player leveling up.
Enemy manager - provides the enemies and enemies weapons in accordance with the player level.
Cars upgrades and weapons upgrades are applied now also on the "remote" car, in multiplayer games.

Game options for user selection:
- background music
- game difficulty
- control layout types
- car options ON/OFF (not everybody is a racing driver :) ):
  • TCS
  • ESP
  • ABS
  • Steer assist
- performance related options (to be disabled on less powerful mobile phones):
  • skidmarks and skidsmoke
  • visible car damage

A lot of performance oriented changes...
Metal Warrior-3D car shooting game for mobile / Re: Building the game
« Last post by Ratzalaru on March 31, 2016, 05:29:07 AM »
2016-03-11 - Defense weapons - part 1:

In multiplayer mode, you may want to attack the car behind you. The defense weapons are doing just that:
- frag grenade
- dynamite
- C4
- tire spikes
- flash grenade
- smoke grenade
There are a few more defense weapons on the TO DO list, they will be implemented in part 2 (hopefully in April).
Metal Warrior-3D car shooting game for mobile / Building the game
« Last post by Ratzalaru on February 29, 2016, 10:43:24 AM »
Hi everybody  :) !

Thank you for your interest in the game. Your comments and suggestions are highly appreciated!

As the "Metal Warrior" game begins to take shape, many of you asked how far along are we in the development process, what's next on the "To do" list...

So, here are the latest news:

2016-02-29  - Just finished a lot of improvements to the user interface:
  • Weapons details on screen;
  • NOS details on screen;
  • Many controls layouts (take your pick):
    • Car controls on the left, weapons buttons on the right;
    • Car controls on the right, weapons buttons on the left;
    • Throttle on the left, brake on the right, no weapons buttons (auto fire mode);
    • Throttle on the right, brake on the left, no weapons buttons (auto fire mode);
    • No controls (for PCs/Consoles);
  • An improved notifier system for messages for the driver;

Check it out:

Thank you !
Metal Warrior-3D car shooting game for mobile / Cars, Weapons and Alien Robots
« Last post by admin on January 21, 2016, 05:57:20 PM »
Do you have questions about Cars, Weapons and Alien Robots?  8)
Write them here! 
Metal Warrior-3D car shooting game for mobile / Feature Request for Metal Warrior
« Last post by admin on January 21, 2016, 05:40:29 PM »
Please request here features you would like to see in our game!
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