Metal Warrior Game by Roman Soft Developer. One of the best 3D car shooting games ever made.

29 exciting weapons and 27 cars at your disposal in Metal Warrior Game.

Option to armor and shield your car. Best physics engine with real crashes.

Competition mode and Endless mode with 20 relentless alien robots types.

Intense alien robots-blasting action and racing game play. Stunning 3D graphics and multiple city maps.


Metal Warior’s Cars

You know… a car is like a mistress that divulges everything about you, so choose carefully a car according to your personality.

3D Car model| Metal Warrior Game|Atom splitter car Category
3d car model| Metal Warrior Game|Brutal destruction car Category

We won’t judge you! It’s not like we never gave our car a good night kiss.

3d car model| Metal Warrior Game|Phoenix car Category
3D car model| Metal Warrior Game|Colossus car Category

27 3D Car Models to choose from and sick armors to outfit your car with!

3D car model| Metal Warrior Game|Wraith Car Category


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