Metal Warrior Game by Roman Soft Developer. One of the best 3D car shooting games ever made.

29 exciting weapons and 27 cars at your disposal in Metal Warrior Game.

Option to armor and shield your car. Best physics engine with real crashes.

Competition mode and Endless mode with 20 relentless alien robots types.

Intense alien robots-blasting action and racing game play. Stunning 3D graphics and multiple city maps.


Metal Warrior’s Weapons

Every weapon counts, not just the ones that can get fast kills.

Metal Warrior's Weapons|Minigun Weapon Category
Metal Warrior's Weapons|Laser Bolts Weapon Category

Each one is unique so you shouldn’t just pick one up and fight, you should prepare ahead for the dangerous encounters.

Metal Warrior's Weapons|Machine Gun Weapon Category
Metal Warrior's Weapons|Ion Beam Weapon Category

Not all weapons are unlocked from the start, but there are 26 models at your disposal.

Metal Warrior's Weapons|Cannon Weapon Category
Metal Warrior's Weapons|Plasma Bolts Weapon Category

You have to level up in order to unlock certain weapons, but luckily you can have two at a time.

Metal Warrior's Weapons|Particle Beams Weapon Category
Metal Warrior's Weapons|Missile Launchers Weapon Category

Which Metal Warrior’s weapons would you like to take into battle?

Metal Warrior's Weapons|Neutrino Bolts Weapon Category
Metal Warrior's Weapons|Lighting Beam Weapon Category


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